A Word from the GRDO CEO

Welcome to the new GRDO Blog! The Blog enables GRDO to update investors on new business and Company progress more consistently as not every notable step forward is necessarily PR-worthy. The Blog is also a great platform to post photos and videos. Think of the Blog also as a complement to official corporate press releases.

Most importantly, along with the 120 Day Share Lockdown, the Blog is yet another step in proving to investors our commitment to transparency, integrity, and building shareholder value. As CEO I am committed to laying a firm foundation of confidence as the GRDO story gets told.

Investors can expect at least one PR during this shortened week speaking to the issue of funding. I think investors will be excited about the Company’s progress to fund all endeavors in friendly, non-dilutive ways. GRDO has strategic partners in place that will result in real success.

The winner of our Ethereum Giveaway will be announced today at 2PM EST on our Twitter Page.

— CEO Brian Estrada